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Hearts Aligned, Practice Refined
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Creating Supportive Spaces for Values-Based Frontline Practice

Foster community among practitioners to connect, share, and learn together

Enhance engagement through deepened understanding of heartfelt, values-based practices

Initiate a national dialogue on the realities of frontline work and its challenges

Emphasise the importance of reflective spaces to support frontline professionals

Attuned In Practice

Hearts Aligned, Practice Refined

At Attuned in Practice, we believe that all frontline practitioners deserve learning spaces to reflect and connect with their core beliefs, values, and the sense of purpose that drew them into their work or chosen career path. We know from our own practice that these spaces can be normative and restorative, helping to sustain us.

When practitioners are afforded the opportunity to connect and reflect on subjects central to their work, this shapes their practice for the better and sets them up to bring their best selves to work. Reflective, attuned practitioners then inform a better organisational and whole-system response to people using those services.

Our aim is to provide learning and reflective spaces for practitioners to come together. We choose reflective practitioners to lead and provide key insights, inviting deeper thinking and reflection on key aspects of frontline work in Health, Education, and Social Care. These practitioners speak from their own experience and practice, creating a safe and nurturing space that helps attendees think more deeply about their roles. The gathering and opportunity to share are supportive to attendees and help build a community with shared values and a collective understanding of the challenges and norms of working in frontline practice.

Dr. Nicola O'Sullivan and Dr. Maeve Hurley
Our Founders Dr. Maeve Hurley & Dr. Nicola O'Sullivan .

Highlights from Past Conferences

Past Events Under Heart of Frontline Practice
Conference 2023: Connecting with Compassion in Diverse and Complex Settings

Conference 2023:

Connecting with Compassion in Diverse and Complex Settings

Joan Fletcher

Conference 2022:

Connecting and relating in diverse and complex settings

Aisling McMahon

Conference 2021:

Vulnerability, Humility and Compassion at the Frontline

Dr. Caroline Elton

Conference 2020:

The first national seminar, ‘Reconnecting with the Heart of Frontline Practice’

Attendee Feedback

"I felt it nourished my soul. Aisling's voice was calm and clear, and she held my attention throughout the session. It was very informative and delivered with an easy flow. I felt very privileged to meet and connect with the other participants in my small group.”
“Enjoyed the whole session, particularly the discussions in the small groups with the two ladies sharing the space with me. It was so valuable to be reminded of the 'softer' side of person-to-person interactions and the need for self-care.”
"It was thought-provoking content presented in a gentle way. It's always so affirming to gather with like-minded people with a focus on all that is better for ourselves, our participants, and the world."

CPD Approved

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is essential for frontline practitioners to maintain and enhance their knowledge and skills throughout their careers. This includes all aspects of good practice, both clinical and non-clinical. External CPD activities, which are often conducted outside the usual work environment, play a key role in this ongoing education process. Our seminars and conferences are often CPD-approved, ensuring that attending these events contributes directly to the professional development of frontline practitioners, helping them stay updated and proficient in their fields.

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